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Pick someone out and find a post that resonates with you, then make a comment underneath it. Exact words from the customer service agent were:


You've got no real information about them. They're not really altered because Facebook is a place where friends are connecting. The pictures on Facebook are real.



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  1. Mikamuro says:

    Glasgow for those who like their phone sex kinky milfs looking for sex meet women in your area.

  2. Doshakar says:

    They informed me that I needed to pay by credit card which I did via PayPal and gave no answer to the seemingly "computer-generated" email messages received from potentially fake profiles.

  3. Tojas says:

    Some of them are my friends, some of them I've dated.

  4. Samugrel says:

    Why they chose to skate around the "real truth" and force me to gain mediation via PayPal is mind-boggling? People don't spend that much time on Tinder.

  5. Gardanos says:

    I purchased a 6-month subscription around mid

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