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Analysis of Data Validation Techniques for Online Banking Services

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Video about validating electronic banking data:

Almost all of Arab banks websites are still informational without any online interaction among their customers. Based on the advantages and disadvantages of each method, the IT developer will decide which is best suited to develop the systematic online banking application.

Validating electronic banking data

As a result, the insufficient preparation for the Information and communication technologies ICT revolution led to few offer transaction platforms, security features, and credit facilities for SMEs to motivate access technology. It seems that there is no good networking among Libyan banks and their branches due to poor IT infrastructure. Essential electronic banking services, such as ATMs and mobile banking are limited unless in some commercial banks.

Validating electronic banking data

Validating electronic banking data

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  1. Yobei says:

    For instance, Lebanese banks now offer online services by moving some documentary credit procedures online to facilitate and guarantee e-commerce procedures Aljawarneh et al, Some banks may require that payments from third-parties like BullionVault be routed through an intermediary bank account.

  2. Malmaran says:

    How do I do it? In this chapter, we will focus on the main security issue which is the lack of data validation.

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