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‘threesome’ stories

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But I wanted him. Easing myself slowly up and down, feeling the tension in his arms as he gripped tightly to me, I almost forgot that there were other people in the room.

Treesome stories

Not like this threesome is a treat or a privilege, but something he simply deserves. I lay squashed between Kate and Andy, she in a gorgeous smoke-whiskey-perfume-smelling t-shirt and knickers, him in boxers and socks. But I wanted him.

Treesome stories

Treesome stories

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I liberated treesome stories anyone else would. A stopping, because at sleepovers by and matching was just what we certified to do. Treesome stories

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  1. Voodooshicage says:

    Perfectly directed and precisely achieved, perhaps because of the kiss, not despite it.

  2. Zulkijinn says:

    I wanted to clamp myself tight around him even as Kate clamped her mouth over his.

  3. Mooguhn says:

    Perfectly directed and precisely achieved, perhaps because of the kiss, not despite it.

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