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Australia's safest trampolines

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He spent the next four months recovering. The Australian Trampoline Park Association has a code of practice that includes safety, but only about 20 per cent of Australian trampoline parks are members of the association.

Trampoline man perth

Supplied Emergency surgery resulted in a steel rod and four screws in his leg. Parks have to undergo a yearly independent audit to ensure trampolines and foam pits are safe. Due to a waiver visitors sign when entering the centre, she had no legal recourse.

Trampoline man perth

Trampoline man perth

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    Lead author Dr Lisa Sharwood said attendance at indoor trampoline parks had soared — and so had the number of injuries.

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    The most common injuries were fractures and sprains, but almost 20 per cent had serious spinal cord and head injuries. Currently, there are no mandatory safety standards for the booming industry in Australia.

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    Due to a waiver visitors sign when entering the centre, she had no legal recourse.

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