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A beginner’s guide to transaction isolation levels in enterprise Java

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Video about spring isolation level:

We can even define multiple DataSources, each one with a pre-defined isolation level. If you are using an external DataSource e. I think if you understand the dirty reads concept you will be able to select a good option.

Spring isolation level

This is a phantom read: Note also that the result of a rollback could be different as several executions could take part in the same transaction. See snapshot isolation for more details on this topic.

Spring isolation level

Spring isolation level

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  1. Samulrajas says:

    Create a new transaction or reuse one if available. This leads to some counter-intuitive results.

  2. Kazinris says:

    This means that the dirty read is no longer an issue, but even this way other issues may occur. This method is used when locking is used, and produces the serial schedule T1, T2.

  3. Mezile says:

    This means that the transaction in which this method is executed will run with that isolation level:

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