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How To Have The Hottest Make Out

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Keeping The Make Out Hot While making out for hours might seem like a fun time, chances are, one or both of you might get bored. Letting The Make Out Wind Down Communication is super important in pretty much everything to do with relationships, and make outs are no exception.

Sexiest makeout ever

Finally, assuming you enjoyed making out with him, a great way to wind things down is to leave him wanting more. Great places to touch are his face, his waist, holding his hands, touching his chest, his neck, and the back of his head. Too many make outs have been ruined by super-serious people who want to devote all the attention to the kiss — and none to having fun.

Sexiest makeout ever

Sexiest makeout ever

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  1. Natilar says:

    You want to make eye contact and give him a small smile, to show him you mean business.

  2. Megis says:

    If he responds well, you can keep going, otherwise stick to the make out.

  3. Zulule says:

    You can give him a big hug, one more kiss, or a huge smile — all of those will make him feel really good.

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