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Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer-Mediated Communication

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Communication via computers are highly adopted these days. The way a word is interpreted is just as important as the words meaning. My guess would be this is why many UNIMAS students are using Whatsapp as their main medium of assignment discussion including and especially myself.

Pros and cons of computer mediated communication

The interpersonal circle has been enlarged successfully. However, communication has been changed gradually not only with words or sounds, the media through which communication is conducted is also changed.

Pros and cons of computer mediated communication

Pros and cons of computer mediated communication

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4 Responses

  1. Daisho says:

    Why does this matter? As for people who are opposite to CMC, they must be cautious about the self security for they do not want the new way of communication to enlarge the psychological distance between human beings.

  2. Meztigami says:

    Fourth is openness and time-space-free.

  3. Nijora says:

    Make sure to take the best use of CMC in daily life.

  4. Shadal says:

    Therefore, for many students, emailing or sending a Facebook message to the lecturers are a much appreciated alternative.

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