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Washington Coins & Pawn in Washington, NC

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Video about pawn shops in washington nc:

States have regulated the pawn industry for decades, and most pawnbrokers are licensed and regulated by local authorities as well. We work closely with state and local officials to ensure everything we do is correct and lawful. How do you determine the value of items?

Pawn shops in washington nc

They do not provide mortgages or high-end loans. We have several tools at our disposal to help determine the value and get you what you need. You repay the loan within a set time, which is set by the shop in accordance with any state and local laws.

Pawn shops in washington nc

Pawn shops in washington nc

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  1. Dogor says:

    Our terms of business as pawnbrokers are highly regulated though a government contract. Once you default on your loan, the pawn shop has every right to sell off your collateral, however there might be mandatory grace periods they must honor before doing so.

  2. Nikogore says:

    Our sales staff are friendly knowledgeable associates who would be willing to answer any other questions or concerns you may have. What type of items do pawn shops buy?

  3. Tozshura says:

    For how long do pawn shops keep pawned items?

  4. Kazirisar says:

    Pawn shops can accept any items they want as long as they are legal but it is at their discretion.

  5. Naktilar says:

    If you collect coins stop in and have a look. You give them collateral, an item you own worth the loan amount, and they give you cash.

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