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My Outlook.com account has been hacked

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Think someone is using your identity or impersonating you. To check and change your account settings, go to connected accounts , forwarding , and automatic replies. Attacking Internet sites — If hackers break into an Internet site and steal account information, they can check it against other sites to see if you've re-used your password.

My account has been hacked

Someone changed your account info, like your password or recovery phone number. Once an email account is compromised, they are able to send their own unauthorized transfers.

My account has been hacked

My account has been hacked

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  1. Tojanos says:

    If you think your account has been hacked or taken over, there are actions you can take to secure your account. You can reset your account using your phone or another PC, but many hackers get your password using malware that's been installed on your PC without your knowledge.

  2. Tojakasa says:

    On the Recent security events panel, click Review security events.

  3. Vur says:

    Once you provide information to help us verify your identity, we'll send you specific instructions to recover your account at the secure email address you provided. See Delete or restore a contact.

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