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The general elevation of the tableland is 2, feet metres , high enough to provide severe winters and snow. To the west of Monaro lie the Snowy Mountains, including the Kosciuszko massif, which rises to 7, feet 2, metres in Mount Kosciuszko , the highest mountain in Australia. The hotel was extremely fashionable all throughout the 's the Hotel was noted for adverting the benefits of the mountain environment on one health, and attracted many people from the Sydney that wanted to escape the city life.

Mountains in new south wales

These trends became evident in the s and continued into the 21st century. New South Wales met the conditions its government had set for a yes vote. Such settlement is driven by the greater presence of amenities in those areas, although it is also associated with concern about the degradation of the land resources of the state.

Mountains in new south wales

Mountains in new south wales

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    Cotton has rapidly increased in irrigated areas, as has rice growing, although both sectors have had to adapt to prolonged drought conditions. The ascent of Lapstone Hill on a gradient of 1 in , was built up the side of the range with comparatively light earthwork, includes the substantial seven-span sandstone Knapsack Viaduct.

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    It has also been used to grow mushrooms.

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    Many immigrants have prospered, and there are recognizable national and ethnic concentrations in Sydney and other larger regional centres.

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    Resources and power The most important mineral resource is the black coal of the Sydney Basin, which is mined at Wollongong, at Lithgow , and in the Hunter valley. The SMR is notable for being the second last system in Australia to use steam haulage.

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