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Lake Clarendon opens for paddling and fishing

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There is a massive, public swimming pool there at Gatton as well if you need a quick dip closed in July for maintenance. We loved all the animals even the geese that would raise a racket at funny times.

Lake clarendon

The downstairs area was just about perfect. People traveling with animals or livestock are certainly welcome as we can accommodate all fur friends in paddocks, yards and small enclosures.

Lake clarendon

Lake clarendon

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  1. Ganos says:

    Atkinson dam is 5kms away.

  2. Jujora says:

    There is a rock and roll cafe 20 mins from there and lots of morning and afternoon tea venues if you want to take a nice drive in any direction. The Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast is only 2 hours away if you want to spend a day at the most beautiful beaches in Australia.

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