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Signs of Insecurity

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Guys generally do this because it's much easier to ignore feelings of attachment than it is to deal with or work through them. There is nothing worse than trying to get your ex back when they have long gotten over you and have moved on, it is humiliating.

Jealous boyfriend signs

They are more inclined to read things that are attached to pictures. Defensiveness Insecure people tend to be very sensitive to critique and respond with defensiveness.

Jealous boyfriend signs

Jealous boyfriend signs

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  1. Gokinos says:

    I understand the thought behind that. More than three-quarters of all rebound relationships never make it past six weeks.

  2. Diramar says:

    The last thing you want to do if you are living with a controlling person.

  3. Dorisar says:

    Sincerely, Michael Lee P. This is closed body language and means that your ex is kind of hostile towards you or is trying to protect themselves.

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