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'How I caught my online scammer – and Facebooked his mum'

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But even better than that, the first stamp can sometimes lead us to a specific address and a specific computer. The more information the police have, the better equipped they are to catch the scammer. In some instances, scammers have been known to make attempts at recruiting those they cannot turn into victims or those they have engaged in a long-standing relationship such as a romance scam.

How to catch a scammer

The Police Contacts You After receiving a complaint from you about a scammer, the police will get in touch with you to get more details about the scam, the scammer, your communication with them etc. Scam victims now have the chance to report scammers and there is a chance for the offenders to be arrested as well. Stay safe and enjoy your online dating experience!

How to catch a scammer

How to catch a scammer

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  1. Kajijinn says:

    Emails travel from server to server across cyberspace, and each time a server forwards an email to the next server it's called a 'hop'. Should you receive emails with offers of enlisting you into the fraud ring, please contact our Law Enforcement Support Unit using cso fraudaid.

  2. Akinosida says:

    The chances of arresting your specific scammer are very slim; however, that is not true of all scammers in an organized crime network to which your scammer belongs.

  3. Grozahn says:

    Request For Further Information After contacting you, the police will attempt to get still more information and this could also involve getting information about you, to ensure you were not involved in the scam in any way but as a victim.

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