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Sky HD box stuck in Updating stystem software any help?

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Video about force updating sky hd box:

If you still have the R version you can force R onto your Sky box by performing a System Refresh. To check if you have the update press Services then select Settings, scroll across to System Details and look at your Model Number.

Force updating sky hd box

If the latter then chances are you may have lost your planner and recordings. Your SKY box has to read and write a lot of data to and from your hard drive and if that hard drive is fragmented the hard drive mechanics have a lot of work to do which could lead to jerky playback or recording problems.

Force updating sky hd box

Force updating sky hd box

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  1. Gujora says:

    Turn the power off to the Sky box for at least 30 seconds then power it on again. Press services Press 0 then 1 then select again to go to the hidden menu Select Single Feed Mode and set to ON Press green button to save cganges Read warning and press Select if happy to continue I've lost signal or input 1 or input 2 or both feeds are not working Your box can fail to receive a signal for a variety of reasons.

  2. Mejin says:

    Once completed you'll be able to view the deleted programmes and restore them to your Planner if required".

  3. Goltibar says:

    If it says "card must be paired" follow on-screen instructions.

  4. Shakalrajas says:

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