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CONTINUUM Recap: “Game Time” Episode 8, Season 1

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The presentation is about how using light spectra can help to neutralize aggressive behavior. Kiera appears in front of a cheerful Kagame and is greeted by the same Alec she just left, sixty years older. Do you think that Kiera can start to trust Kellog because of his trying to save her life or what ulterior motive s does he have?

Continuum episode

Jaworski, as a former soldier in prison, was the test suspect and Lucas, as a leading scientist in the field, was making the presentation. Also in this room are Kiera and one other armed CPS officer. What are your thoughts on this episode?

Continuum episode

Continuum episode

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  1. Dugor says:

    Kiera enters it with Alec's time travel device, while the Traveler also returns to his own time. She is looking forward to the mid-season drama Whiskey Cavalier and the start of final season of Shadowhunters in February.

  2. Grolabar says:

    Kiera appears in front of a cheerful Kagame and is greeted by the same Alec she just left, sixty years older. The trio then pays a visit to the company to try to get to the bottom of what caused these game designers to kill.

  3. Akinomuro says:

    Betty and Kiera get a chance to step inside the game hello, larping or cyberlapring while Carlos does some more looking around at the company; but that backfires as Kiera is hurt while playing the game.

  4. Maladal says:

    Kellog offers Vasquez the chance to be his queen, and kills her when she refuses, learning too late that she is his own daughter.

  5. Zolonos says:

    Seeing his resolve, Kiera decides to destroy the machine rather than use it. In present day, a group of people are participating in a paintball match, but are interrupted by a young man who walks through the fake fight, calls out to one of the players — Greg Moretz — and then shoots him point blank before turning the gun on himself.

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