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Virgo and Pisces Compatibility: Can Their Relationship Work?

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The differences between these two zodiac signs become more pronounced, when the woman is Pisces and the man, Virgo. He thinks in concrete facts. Both like to move from one arena to another as the feeling takes them.

Compatibility between virgo and pisces

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Compatibility between virgo and pisces

Compatibility between virgo and pisces

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  1. Gujora says:

    Pisces may often find himself pulled at opposite ends evident from the Pisces zodiac sign which depicts two fish swimming in opposite direction. After seeing the unique connection between Pisces and Virgo, why not learn more?

  2. Jusida says:

    If they stay together for long enough to understand the benefits of their contact, they might discover that the love between them is the only true love they could find in this lifetime.

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