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Leg body language

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Touching Standing When standing, not much of the leg can be touched. The figure-four cross occurs where one ankle is placed on top of the other legs' knee, with top leg's knee pointing sideways.

Body language leg shaking

Note that a closed position also happens when the person is cold. This could be tricky in the beginning but once you do it you won't find a problem in doing so.

Body language leg shaking

Body language leg shaking

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  1. Vudozilkree says:

    The ankle lock In a seated position, people sometimes lock their ankles and withdraw their feet below the chair.

  2. Faegami says:

    Moving a leg is one way of getting closer to another person without full body movement.

  3. Tozahn says:

    Sometimes also this sends a signal.

  4. Akizshura says:

    When hands hold onto the crossed legs, this can emphasize the effect, for example being more defensive. Slightly wider indicates that the person feels grounded and confident.

  5. Voodoojind says:

    Women dressed skimpily are often seen doing this gesture, especially during intimate scenes on TV or the movies.

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