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23 Subtle Body Language Signs That Reveal He’s Into You

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Similarly, if he angles his hips and groin toward you, then he likes you. Again, this should never be done in a creepy way, but if he sits with his legs wide, he may be exposing his vulnerabilities quite literally which means he likes you.

Body language a guy is attracted to you

If he touches his throat, he is subconsciously signaling that he wants to talk more intimately with you and perhaps even expose his vulnerable feelings for you. This being the only time he gets to see you, he wants to use it to his advantage. Sometimes guys will cross their legs because they are shy.

Body language a guy is attracted to you

Body language a guy is attracted to you

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But it can also point that he is simply not equivalent in anything you have to say and that is the connect he stays distracted this same. We have more articles on the Instant Tamil and Attraction.
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