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JEFF CORBETT: Batting eyelids, snorting and other quirks that make you memorable

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Some seem to be driven by something other than habit, perhaps by a force as compelling as that which drives women to squeeze spots and whatever else on the back of the man in her life. When she began coyly batting her eyelashes at him, I'd had about all I could stand of this stomach-turning display. As much as I enjoy talking with someone, anyone, who bats their eyelids I'm never sure what they mean to convey by that batting at the end of a statement.

Bats eyelids

Three idioms are associated with batting eyes or eyelids, by which we mean a pronounced rapid blink or series of blinks. The quirks I have in mind are interesting mannerisms, not necessarily pleasant mannerisms.

Bats eyelids

Bats eyelids

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    That is women who peck at other people's clothes. A The bat in the expression turns out to have nothing do to with nocturnal flying mammals.

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    And don't you just love a funny walk! A The bat in the expression turns out to have nothing do to with nocturnal flying mammals.

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