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And much like weightlifting, there are about a thousand different ways to do it. Plan to do anything you can to avoid interruption. But do whatever time you set out to do.

Art of manliness meditation

Nothing could be further from the truth. And much like weightlifting, there are about a thousand different ways to do it. He then takes us through the latest research on the benefits of meditation, including the way it reduces depression and anxiety.

Art of manliness meditation

Art of manliness meditation

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  1. Muzilkree says:

    Because most of the information your brain processes is useless junk, a bunch of noise preventing you from focusing on things you actually want to focus on.

  2. Gardajinn says:

    The study was done on people who just started meditating, not on those who have practiced for years. Drop us a line on Twitter and let us know how this is working out for you.

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