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10 Wedding Anniversary Surprise Ideas for Your Husband

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Here is a list of the all time best 6 surprise ideas to make your man feel special on your anniversary: But here are few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. King for a day.

Anniversary surprise ideas for him

I keep threatening to throw it away but for some reason that hideous thing ranks high on his list of things to keep. Surprise him with a uniquely designed photo frame to park your favourite photos together. Gifts are always an integral part of any special celebration, be it a birthday or an anniversary.

Anniversary surprise ideas for him

Anniversary surprise ideas for him

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  1. Kajilkis says:

    But this can be loads of fun.

  2. Mazull says:

    Dedicate a song to him on the radio. Take him to a book store, and buy him a compilation of his favourite books and authors or a collection of his favourite CDs, music albums.

  3. Kigazilkree says:

    This one , we usually do with friends, but you can tailor it to just you and your hubby. Take up his hobby for a day and show interest in something he loves.

  4. Arabei says:

    Did you know there are sites that tell you when the next full moon will take place? So if your hubby has something like that, this idea just might do the trick for your sanity and his happiness.

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